SIMPLY Use a hand drill to sharpen multi-tool Blades

Tool design that makes sense.

A cylindrical stack of grinding disks forms an ideal grinding profile to perfectly sharpen dull or worn out carbon steel blades for any multi-tool. When fastened to a hand drill you already have on the job site, you can bring old blades back to life and have them cut like they are new from the factory!

Reduce Frustration

Eliminate the need to change out blades on the job…you can sharpen your existing blade in less time than it takes to change a blade. Plus, you won’t need to run to the store for more blades. Just one blade can be sharpened over and over again, even if the teeth are completely gone!

Made To Last

The patented SHARP POG® is made to last for years and years. Since this great tool pays for itself in only 3-4 uses, you can see what type of value the SHARP POG® delivers year-after-year. Instead of throwing away those expensive blades, give them new life!

Quality Construction and Impeccable Reliability

We designed SHARP POG® from the ground-up.

SHARP POG®‘s patented performance (US 10,406,616) did not happen by
chance. The simple yet incredibly useful SHARP POG® makes use of some key design elements and materials:


Custom ⅜” Arbor

CUSTOM ⅜” DEVICE ARBOR – Enables quick & easy connection of the SHARP POG® device to standard ⅜” or ½” chuck of any hand drill.


1.5" Grinding Profile

Provides quick & effective grinding of “new” teeth from dull, or even badly-worn, pre-formed multi-tool blades to a “like-new” cutting capability.


Aluminum Oxide Grinding Disks

3.0″ x .035″ type 1 aluminum oxide grinding disks deliver fast, consistent grinding performance and accurate, clean material removal at an economical price point.


A60T Grit/Grade/Hardness Ratings

A60T grit/grade/hardness ratings facilitate (via Aluminum Oxide Grain Type) more robust grinding performance for a greater length of time versus lower-quality grinding discs – especially in terms of the expected longevity of the device.


Secure Stack Configuration

The sensible, fully-secured stack configuration ensures there’s no slippage between the grinding wheels


Bonded, Dual-Reinforced Disc Construction

Bonded, dual-reinforced disc construction provides exceptional part strength for safe and worry-free metal grinding. That way, you can have confidence every time you use SHARP POG® over the years.