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Dull teeth just won't cut it.

Are you tired of throwing away expensive blades for your oscillating multi-tool when they get dull? With just a hand drill and the SHARP POG®, you can sharpen your blades in minutes and get them back to their sharp, "piranha-like" condition. Not only will this save you money, but it's also a practical tool for tradesmen and homeowners alike. Give the SHARP POG® a try and start getting more value out of your blades!

Old blades become new in minutes.

1. Attach the SHARP POG® to a power drill.

The SHARP POG® quickly connects to the standard ⅜” or ½” chuck of any hand drill.

2. Quickly sharpen old, dull, worn blades.

The stack of grinding disks perfectly sharpens and creates an ideal tooth profile on your dull or worn-out carbon steel blades.

3. Use your old blade just like a new blade.

Blades sharpened with SHARP POG® cut like factory-new blades. You are back to work in minutes!

Get a sharpener built to last.

The SHARP POG® is designed to sharpen your expensive oscillating multi-tool blades for years to come. Plus, it pays for itself in just a few uses, making it a great value in the short run too! Instead of throwing out those expensive blades, the SHARP POG® can give them a new life, saving you money in the process.

We designed SHARP POG® from the ground-up.

Custom ⅜” Arbor

Enables quick & easy connection of the SHARP POG® device to standard ⅜” or ½” chuck of any hand drill.

1.5" Grinding Profile

Provides quick & effective grinding of “new” teeth from dull, or even badly-worn, pre-formed multi-tool blades to a “like-new” cutting capability.

Aluminum Oxide Grinding Disks

3″ x 1/32″ x 3/8" Type 1 aluminum oxide grinding disks deliver fast, consistent grinding performance and accurate, clean material removal at an economical price point.

A46R(BF) Grit/Grade/Hardness Ratings

A46R(BF) grit/grade/hardness ratings facilitate more robust grinding performance for a greater length of time versus lower-quality grinding discs – especially in terms of the expected longevity of the device.

Secure Stack Configuration

The sensible, fully-secured stack configuration ensures there’s no slippage between the grinding wheels.

Bonded, Dual-Reinforced Disc Construction

Bonded, dual-reinforced disc construction provides exceptional part strength for safe and worry-free metal grinding. That way, you can have confidence every time you use SHARP POG® over the years.

Re-use your costly blades with SHARP POG®.

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